About SARA

In the universe of work and performance, upgrading ourselves with better new procedures is a 'must follow' rule to save oneself from getting replaced. The new, always takes the I/O system world... steps ahead to a better and to a professionally safe working standard. SARA HRMS solution offers precisely calculated analytical conclusions about organization's human resource's performance. Its AI algorithm monitors team member's professional activities including performance on individual tasks, promptness in official and work-related communication, punctuality and few others for now. It summarizes all and gives a relational conclusion alongside of capital investments on same. New ideology gets a unwelcome in beginning but silently it develops positivity and acceptance with time. In time it gets align with new system. In turn which becomes a necessary definition of work, people and processes that unifies with these upgraded and new procedure in daily professional life. SARA SARA's advantage of looping-in organization's human resource via its compulsory mobile app and web log-in, automatically helps tracking activities of individual employee. Analysis of all human resources activities and other resources can be seen in perfect graphical reports by company admin and HR. Conclusion from which, can help significant utilization of those resources. SARA offers solution to standardize employee's management according to corporate and company policies. In it, unique identity of employee user act as base for association to all relative services and reporting hierarchy. SARA mail and chat by default gives edge to reporting and hierarchical communication. Defining a task, allocating it to a team or new set of individuals in corporate group happens on finger tips via SARA mobile app. Designation and salary template allow easy and quick enrolment in HR. Later SARA's state of art attendance from mobile and leave modules calculates salaries in simple clicks and ends at pay slip generation. Complete HR and employee assessment module tracks performance of employees for company. Organization administration can see who is doing what at any point of time in various data and graphical analysis reports.